Hunting Grounds.

My name is Comet, and these are my records.

Everything you need can be located from our directory, from my hoard of links to the logs kept on the Eclipse Clan, the collective of soulbonds I belong to.

11.12.2023 --
     • Finally finished adding the people who just moved in from a friend's. In my defense. I am tired. Every info page should reflect all of us now!

10.10.2023 --
     • Finished cleaning up that code!
     • Also fixed the favicons, which means I had to paste in every page all over again.

10.9.2023 --
     Not necessarily all done today, but:
     • New members added, two more to go
     • Cleaned up code on most pages; updated side bar. About 30 more pages to go!
     • Removed Alignment from the Classification section. Turns out we live in a society so we pretty much all have similar morals and behaviors, even if those would be considered abnormal to outsiders.
     • Added some charts, if you like that kind of thing.
     • Figured out how the height chart's code is going to work, just have to get it set up and formatted now.