Hunting Grounds.

My name is Comet, and these are my records.

Everything you need can be located from our directory, from my hoard of links to the logs kept on the Eclipse Clan, the collective of soulbonds I belong to.

4.24.2023 --
     • Handful of minor updates, fixing some spelling issues and broken links, applied ages and heights. Working on making a height chart at the moment so look out for that!

     • Redid some formatting on the main soulbond pages, adding color and some indents to help things flow better, and warrior cat names if I could pester them into either coming up with one or allowing me to assign them one! Most everyone was very cooperative, and now I finally have a list of the hex codes each person uses on their pages, for art purposes...

     • I've gotten most of the nautical section of my hoard fleshed out with more links about the Titanic's officers than I realized I had, sorted neatly by officer. This includes pdfs of Lightoller's autobiography, Walter Lord's A Night to Remember [and the 1958 movie by the same name, colorized by a fan!], and links to the surviving officer's testimony at both the US Senate inquiry and the British Trade Comission's inquiry! I have other ships I like that I'll add to later on.
     • I've also added pages for all of my kintypes, just because I've had them typed up. I'm going to go through some old files and see if I can find any for anyone else, and add those too!
     • Satellite pages have been updated! Enjoy connected pages on even the more remote parts of our soulbonding pages. Also added some color and finished up formatting, for easier reading.