Warning: Links on this page may lead to graphic, gorey images of illness and injury.


Nitrogen Narcosis in Diving


Arctic Dog Disease
The Pet Web Library, a reference point for pets' medical maladies
How a Run-in with the World's Most Venomous Fish Changed My Life
One Man's Epic Battle Against the Ocean's Creepiest Crawly, along with the thread from the article, and the woman for whom the worm is named

How Does a Cowbird Learn to Be a Cowbird
How Evolution Brought a Flightless Bird Back From Extinction
How to Begin Birding and Get to Know These 20 Common Birds, by the Audubon Institute


The Body Trade -- Cashing in on the Donated Dead
Cannibal Filmed Himself Killing and Eating His Willing Victim
How Courts Treat Consensual Cannibalism
How to Clean Bones
I Remember Arthur -- A writer examines his own depression and suicidal ideation after losing an enigmatic friend and a deeply personal book draft
What People Actually Say Before They Die
World's Oldest Tattoos Found on an Alpine Mummy


Parasitic Fungi
Alaskan Native Foods and Botulism
How This Zombie Fungus Turns Cicadas into Horror-Movie Sex Bots

Saint Anthony's Fire and Ergotism.
Saint Anthony's Fire from Antiquity to the Eighteenth Century pdf file
Saint Anthony's Fire, from World History Encyclopedia.


Lethal Ovitrap, a method of mosquito control
Preserving Insects in Hand Sanitizer


Black salve
The "Husband Stitch" Isn't Just a Horrifying Childbirth Myth
Science Fiction or Science Fact: Medical Hyposprays
Toxidrome, and its numerous causes


Darling 58 and the Return of the American Chestnut Tree
The Trees That Miss the Mammoths
When a Houseplant Obsession Becomes a Nightmare


Curious Taxonomy, taxonomical names that show science can be silly