A Flight Rising dragon.

Apollon Avdol; 25; 6'2"; 4.5

• Nonbinary [he/him]
• Gay

Clan--Flameheart of ThunderClan
   ↳ Pokemon

Aries Sun; Sagittarius Moon; Pisces Mercury; Aries Venus; Cancer Mars; Aquarius Jupiter; Capricorn Saturn; Leo Uranus; Pisces Neptune; Sagittarius Pluto
   ↳ True Sign--Arpio [Hero of Light; Derse Sway], Sign of the Seeker

California quails; hermit crabs; Muhammad Avdol [JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure]; Nazir [The Elder Scrolls: V–Skyrim]; Norwegian forest cats

Some kind of Kimetic pagan; believes he will be incarnated where he is needed with a bias towards Stand users

Though stubborn and proud, Apollon is a patient and forgiving person. Though lately he’s kept to himself, he is friendly enough to those that can get through that wall.

First fronted 8.18.2015 when Dio dissociated heavily.

A transparent flame gif. A gif of Avdol in the JJBA capcom game, shown with Magician's Red. A transparent flame gif.