A banner representing the Dark Brotherhood. A banner representing the Dark Brotherhood. A Flight Rising dragon.

Cicero Nightshade; 23; 5'10"; 10.19

• Genderfluid [he/him; it/its]
• Ace/aro

Clan--Hollyfang of ShadowClan
   ↳ Pokemon
      Ability--Poison Touch

Libra Sun; Virgo Moon; Gemini Rising; Libra Mercury; Virgo Venus; Virgo Mars; Virgo Jupiter; Sagittarius Saturn; Aries Uranus; Pisces Neptune; Capricorn Pluto
   ↳ True Sign--Libittarius [Hero of Void; Derse Sway], Sign of the Hidden

Cicero [The Elder Scrolls: V–Skyrim]; Kankuro [Naruto]; plants

Devoted follower of Sithis and the Night Mother; less devoted worshiper of Sheogorath; believes that his fate is firmly intertwined with Dio's and that they will see each other often

He is exceedingly loyal, though likely to be distrusting of new system members that he didn't first hide from the rest of the system. He has a habit of speaking in third person, typing out his laughs, and talking in a sing-song fashion. Cicero is also known to hardly leave his part of the inworld, and is often thought of as a cryptid because of this.

Familial-- Dio, Kari, and Karliah's brother; sees Aria and Credence as something like brothers; Castor, Devon, Donatello, Giorno, Merriali, Rikiel, Unaglo, and Met's

A member of the Kriegszeit System, Cicero first fronted as a member of the Eclipse System on 8.8.2015 to talk about the Dark Brotherhood with Link, who was witnessing a friend of his have quite the breakdown due to threats about losing part of her team.