A Flight Rising dragon.

Credence Scamander; 19; 5'11"; 1.31

• Magiboy [he/him; they/them]
• Questioning

Alignment--Chaotic Neutral
Clan--Bonefur of ShadowClan
   ↳ Pokemon
      Partner--Marowak [Alolan]

Aquarius Sun; Gemini Moon; Aquarius Mercury; Capricorn Venus; Sagittarius Mars; Virgo Jupiter; Aries Saturn; Capricorn Uranus; Cancer Neptune; Gemini Pluto
   ↳ True Sign--Aquius [Hero of Breath; Prospit Sway], Sign of the Whimsical

Credence Barebone [Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them]


Credence is skittish most of the time. He’s easily startled, and responds primarily with shutting himself off. He gets easily attached to others, and tries his hardest to keep them happy. He’s also picked up the habit of translating thoughts and feelings into words when the one he’s reading can’t, and sharing these things with who he thinks necessary to make everyone understand one another and therefore happier overall, from Cole.

Familial--Solas's son; Merriali's brother; considers Newt and Cicero his brothers

According to himself, Credence lived in a small theater nearby, but on 11.20.2016 decided to follow us due to the fact we could hear him speaking. During the day, he stayed at the theater, coming home when it was starting to empty, until Merriali's was born. He then moved into the West Wing to stay with her.

Phases of the moon. A rotating full moon. Phases of the moon, reversed.