A Flight Rising dragon.

Durza Shade; ageless; 6'5"; 4.12

• Genderfluid [they/them; it/its]
• Pan

Clan--Embergaze of ShadowClan
   ↳ Pokemon
      Ability--Wonder Guard

Aries Sun; Leo Moon; Pisces Mercury; Aries Venus; Taurus Mars; Taurus Jupiter; Taurus Saturn; Aquarius Uranus; Aquarius Neptune; Sagittarius Pluto
   ↳ True Sign--True Aries [Hero of Time; Derse Sway], Sign of the Excavator

Aro [Twilight]; Bonehawks [The Elder Scrolls: V--Skyrim]; Durza [The Inheritance Cycle]; Serena [The Elder Scrolls: V--Skyrim]; Spiritomb [Pokemon]

Believes there is little use for gods

They are known to be vengeful and stern, but they’re also devoted to protecting the Clan. Durza is soft on those they are close to, namely Grell and Kari, though rarely outright affectionate. They are very meditative, having proven able to create a Stand of their own with the intention of helping protect the Clan, Dual Fortress.

Familial--Castor and Ysopon's step-parent; Alex, Brooke, Cleo, and Finn's aunt
Romantic--In a triad with Grell and Kari

Durza’s return to the system was predicted by Grell and Kari. They first fronted on 7.13.2015, and immediately began looking for old pictures of themself.

A skull floating in purple flame. A battle animation of Spiritomb. A skull floating in purple flame.