A Flight Rising dragon. The Pokemon Home Achievement sticker for trading a Vulpix and an Alolan Vulpix. Both forms are featured, in a yin/yang position.

Grell Sutcliff; ageless; 6'11"; 2.13

• Female [she/her]
• Bi

Clan--Embersong of ShadowClan
   ↳ Pokemon
      Ability--Serene Grace

Aquarius Sun; Sagittarius Moon; Aquarius Mercury; Pisces Venus; Pisces Mars; Leo Jupiter; Sagittarius Saturn; Aries Uranus; Pisces Neptune; Capricorn Pluto
   ↳ True Sign--Aqualo [Hero of Heart; Prospit Sway], Sign of the Puppeteer

Cobras; Dunmer [The Elder Scrolls: V--Skyrim]; Grell Sutcliff [Black Butler]; Zoroark [Pokemon]


Grell is protective, especially of younger folk she doesn’t think can protect themselves. She’s often impulsive, and extremely flamboyant, which is contrasted by her extremely maternal nature.

Familial--Castor and Ysopon's step-mother; Alex, Brooke, Cleo, and Finn's aunt
Romantic--In a triad with Kari and Durza

Grell became the first member the Eclipse System other than Dio on Friday, 2.13.2015. Dio fell asleep paranoid and clutching a red dagger, and woke up with Grell. It may be noteworthy that her first action was to discuss gore with another system’s destroyer. She was a member of the Kriegszeit System.

Transparent, animated flames. A battle animation of Zoroark. Transparent, animated flames.