A Flight Rising dragon.

Helios Domenico Invictus; 22; 5'7"; 6.5

• Agender [he/him; they/them]
• Pan

Alignment--Chaotic Neutral
Clan--Cloudswirl of RiverClan
   ↳ Pokemon
      Ability--Air Lock

Gemini Sun; Pisces Moon; Gemini Mercury; Cancer Venus; Cancer Mars; Capricorn Jupiter; Gemini Saturn; Libra Uranus; Sagittarius Neptune; Virgo Pluto
   ↳ True Sign--Gemsci [Hero of Life; Prospit Sway], Sign of the Temperer

Huskies; Weather Report [JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure]

Some sort of pagan, and a weather witch

Helios is very spacey, and finds it better to go with the flow than fight against it. He generally doesn’t enjoy speaking out loud while fronting, but when he does, he talks slowly.

Familial--Lunam’s twin brother, Leo and Weather's brother; older brother figure to Hayato and Emporio
Romantic--In a relationship with Anasui, Mikitaka, and Ren

First fronted on 5.10.2016, after being hidden by Emporio for a while, ready to fight Lunam. Diego convinced him to talk it out instead.

White, fluffy clouds. A battle animation of Altaria. White, fluffy clouds.