A Flight Rising dragon.

Ian Malcolm; 26; 6'1"; 2.7

• Male [he/him]
• Pan

Clan--Blackmist of RiverClan
   ↳ Pokemon
      Ability--Tinted lens

Aquarius Sun; Libra Moon; Virgo Mercury; Scorpio Venus; Pisces Mars; Virgo Jupiter; Scorpio Saturn; Leo Uranus; Libra Neptune; Leo Pluto
   ↳ True Sign--Aquasces [Hero of Life; Derse Sway], Sign of the Enhancer

Ian Malcolm [Jurassic Park]


While argumentative and stubborn, Ian literally bet his soul on his utmost confidence in humans' ability to choose their own futures, giving him a perserving sense of optimism.

He began helping Dio with finding things at work in May of 2018 [being brought to visit by Karliah on the 13th], in exchange for its memories and information about the system. After Dio had nothing left to offer, he proposed that Dio learn to steal and store energy, so that he could use it for a project. The project was revealed to be a challenge Ian had accepted at Twilight Town's college, having been called a fraud for his teachings on chaos theory, giving others hope they might not have.

The challenge involved him entering and disrupting a universe that was methodological, unable to be tampered with, as anyone entering was written seamlessly in and out of the script. The energy would be used to make servitors that would expend their life's essence to help him remember his calling, disrupt the universe, and escape. This ended up not happening, as Dio was unable to provide enough energy for him.

After the raid on Twilight Town's, the one who challenged Ian came to him, accusing him of being involved in destroying the Merchant's Guild. As such, he once again called upon Dio for help on 11.20.2018, this time officially moving in on 11.22.2018.

A battle animation of Corviknight.