Pillar Men

An ancient race of super-humans, of which there remains four: Esidisi, Kars, Santana, and Wamuu.

They were incredibly fast learners, learning languages within minutes of exposure to them, expertly disassembling weapons thousands of years ahead of their time, accurately analyzing people’s minds in seconds, etc.

They can manipulate their bodies, breaking/shattering bones and flattening organs to be able to achieve whatever form they desire. This allows them to squeeze through nearly anything, and gives them amazing regenerative abilities. Pillar Men can withstand the sun for a few minutes before being turned into stone. They can be reduced to nothing but a brain and still manage to recover.

The Pillar Men’s main source of sustenance was absorption of humans. Each of their cells contained digestive fluids, which gave the appearance of them merging with their prey. Their main diet consisted of humans, and vampires created by stone masks, such as Dio.

They have enhanced senses, including some humans lack, such as heat vision. Their horns typically aid them in this.

With training and experimenting with Stone Masks, Pillar Men can have elemental powers, such as light, wind, or fire.

Although Kars hates to talk about it, he is why there are only four Pillar Men remaining in canon. His experiments with the stone masks scared his people, and they sought to execute him. Esidisi defended him, and the two slaughtered their race, except for the two infants Wamuu and Santana, who they took to raise together.