Bronze Dragon       [Source: Dungeons and Dragons]

The planet was very similar to ours, though bigger, I feel, and more full of islands. I grew up largely alone on a chain of islands with active volcanoes, and atolls nearby. I fed on fruit and fish and smaller lizards, watched the human sailors.

At some point as a wyrmling, I met a pair of young dragons from a different island, who had a large family of their own, and many friends. They befriended me quickly, and brought me home with them to meet the others. This group, to the outside world, was known as the Anoa'i family, though they referred to themselves privately in draconic, with a sound imitating thunder, and then their draconic word for family, translating similarly to the Thunder Flight, though we have agreed to use Shattercloud as the family name in the here and now, as it better conveys the feeling of the name.

The pair I was closest to at first were Jimmy and Jey, who found me. Jey had taken to me quickly, which caused Jimmy a lifetime of off and on jealousy that I was stealing his twin from him, as when they met me, he hadn't ever shared Jey with anyone beyond Solo as a toddler. Canonmates--Jey, Jimmy, Roman, Solo.