Bronze Dragon       [Source: Dungeons and Dragons]

The planet was very similar to ours, though bigger, I feel, and more full of islands. I grew up largely alone on a chain of islands with active volcanoes, and atolls nearby. I fed on fruit and fish and smaller lizards, watched the human sailors.

At some point as a wyrmling, I met a pair of young dragons from a different island, who had a large family of their own, and many friends. They befriended me quickly, and brought me home with them to meet the others. This group, to the outside world, was known as the Anoa'i family, though they referred to themselves privately in draconic, with a sound imitating thunder, and then their draconic word for family. Thunderflight is the closest translation. Mostly a family of dragons, there were humans and perhaps other beings married in, and others still that were bloodkin. They were quite popular with the world at large, taking the form of human to compete in wrestling tournaments and becoming famous for it. This necessitated draconic names for the flight, names to give to outsiders, and ring names, the ring names being the ones typically preferred, as they were fully chosen and could be changed on a whim [contract permitting]. The second name, for those outside the flight, typically were a mixture of Catholic confirmation names, especially used on the mainland, and names chosen by parents. I'll be using the preferred ring names on this page.

Therefore, the name of the pair I was closest to at first, were Jimmy and Jey. Canonmates--Roman.