Dhanvin Lachance       [source: The Elder Scrolls {noncanon}]

I was homeless bosmer at 16, a runaway from a sailing family, and I had all the wrong friends. I fell asleep in West Cross, Falenesti, and was attacked by a hoarvor. I was saved by an Altmeri West Cross archer I call Elrond, who was an aspiring healer.

My face and dominant shoulder had taken permanent damage, but I demanded to become a West Cross archer too, and we had a mostly unofficial thing for the next four or five years, though we both slept around a fair amount.

He eventually summoned the Dark Brotherhood after being assaulted by an old drunk. I met Lucien Lachance as he killed Elrond’s contract, who I was also stalking, and Lucien saw the killer instinct in my eyes. He told me about Sithis, and how he was given the very skeptical opportunity to start a Sanctuary in Valenwood when he suggested it to a member of the Hand, as an opportunity to prove his leadership skills. Despite Elrond’s protests that I was going to be in way over my head, I became an assassin, ordained in a leter from Cyrodiil.

After we completed a Sanctuary under a tree’s roots, Lucien announced he was going back, and asked me to go with him. He said I’d need a last name in Cyrodiil to fit in, and offered me his. I did not know this would make us appear married, not that I would have protested.

I was very close with Vicente, and helped the Sanctuary raise Ocheeva and Teinaava. Lucien and I scouted a bit more in Skyrim, leading to the stabbing of a thief in Riften and us making a run for the abandoned second era sanctuary in Dawnstar. We returned south, getting lost around or on High Hrothgar in the process, before discovering the perfect location where the Falkreath Sanctuary would be built.

Lucien was eventually made a Speaker and was transferred to Farragut, where he was meant to be alone, as he didn't have the heart to make me a Silencer and thus gone for weeks at a time. I didn't last a night. I snuck in, getting torn apart by the guardian spirits and his numerous traps, but was undeterred, simply needing to be with him. When the Black Hand saw we couldn’t be separated, my official position became the Speaker’s Keeper. Essentially, I was his errand elf he wasn’t allowed to share official business with, though that didn't stop him. A split nail of the Hand, in a way.

There were about five years like that, before Mathieu appeared in the Brotherhood. Lucien adored him, considering him a prodigy. Around that time, Lucien tried convincing me to learn necromancy to overcome my natural bosmeri fear of it, as he figured it would be useful to summon spectral assassins for protection were I ever on my own. I wasn't very skilled in magic, but he did manage to desensitize me to moving bones and living rot.

I met the Silencer after the Purification solely because Lucien was in no shape to see anyone. They were haughty and said they were hand picked by the Lucien Lachance. I told them outright that I was too, twenty years ago. I gave their next mission, and sent them off.

I was killed alongside Lucien at Applewatch. They had pinned me to the floorboards by impaling me with a sword, and resurrected me when the pain became more than their cruely cast healing spells could overcome, just to turn me to ash.

After what felt like a brief period on a small plane of existence granted to the two of us by Sithis, I found myself on Nirn again, sharing a body with a young Keeper named Cicero. We didn’t get along until we found our Dragonborn Listener, who had been taught how to summon my husband. We saw the Listener and Cicero as our children, and often talked about how they’d get along with Ocheeva and Teinaava. Said Dragonborn was a young Khajiit, who had been used by the rest of the world and then left all alone after he was no longer useful.

The Listener did not kill Cicero and I. We were largely unharmed by Arnbjorn, but the Listener reported to Astrid that he had faithfully rid the world of us. I believe Arnbjorn was killed to keep his silence before he returned to Falkreath.

Veezara survived the purification, and we were able to establish new members of the Brotherhood relatively quickly following the emperor's assassination.

We eventually left Skyrim, for either Valenwood or Elsweyr, after establishing that the Dawnstar Sanctuary would manage well without us.

Canonmates--Avdol [Nazir]; Cicero; Eddie [Lucien]; Roderich [Elrond]