Eridan Ampora       [source: Homestuck]

I was the first true Aquarius of our generation, and as such was naturally groomed to be an Orphaner. Feferi gave me my glasses, and I became an excellent shot. Then I saw Glubby, and... didn’t want to be near the ocean again. Feferi took this as proof I was a disappointment, and Vriska refused to believe I was anything more than paranoid when I began urging her to stay closer to the shore. I lost both of them that day, though to actually be dumped formally took significantly longer.

I was the Rogue of Hope, and there was no Matriorb to destroy. I god tiered alone, having fallen through a roof chasing angels and either onto my quest bed or was moved to it by Karkat on one of his rare visits.

I was on an adrenaline rush from attacking Sollux, having gotten tired of the way he treated me, and Feferi jumped at me. Startled, I shot her, too. Kanaya killed me for revenge not long after.

Canonmates--Lunam [Feferi]