Evrol [Morningstar?]       [source: The Elder Scrolls {noncanon}]

A bosmer that escaped to Skyrim after a Thalmor purging. My family had been ground-dwelling class, and followers of the Green Pact. They had been locked inside our home while I was out hunting, and burned alive.

I joined the Dark Brotherhood in Falkreath, but left before the Listener and/or Cicero’s arrival. The reality of the Brotherhood had failed to live up to the sense of belonging and vengeance I had invented in my own mind.

After a while of aimless wandering and small jobs, I joined the Stormcloak rebellion, to keep the Thalmor out. I fought alongside the orcismer Dragonborn, who was made a general. We became close friends in the war.

Eventually I followed her to the Dawnguard, along with a dunmeri former Imperial soldier that was previously a mercenary from Morrowind. We started the quest against Harkon together, joined by Serana, and eventually picked up Onmund from the College of Winterhold while researching the Elder Scroll.

Together, we braved the Soul Cairne and Blackreach, all the way to the Chantry of Auriel. I spoke with Gelebor while the others rested after we retreived Auriel's Bow, and felt true peace with him for the first time in many, many years. I couldn't bring myself to leave him to join the others in the final fight with Harkon, deciding instead to stay and begin repairing the Chantry. The Dragonborn was irate; the others understood, and later the Dragonborn returned with the Bow of Auriel so that we could keep it safe.

Gelebor and I may have had children.

Canonmates--Durza [Serana] Grell [the dunmer]; Kari [Dragonborn]; Riley [Onmund]