Fenris with the Chargers       [source: Dragon Age]

Sometimes, while I was back in Tevinter, I met the Iron Bull and his Chargers. When they joined the Inquisition, I did, too, somehow not surprised that Varric was involved. I stayed with them, a bit more willing to make friends than I was as Varric’s bodyguard.

I remember we died, at least once, with an Inquisitor who was with Dorian. It was one of the times where Krem and I bonded over being trans. Cullen had had a crush on me, surprised to see me again, and remembering I was good at fighting.

One of the times we lived, the Inquisitor was a warrior married to Cullen, and the Iron Bull simply adored her for giving him a new and better purpose.

Once, one of the times I met them before leaving Tevinter, I joined them right away, never going to Kirkwall at all. I was forced to be a bit more outgoing, and we joined the Inquisition. I made friends like that, and was much more trusting of mages when I didn’t personally know the one who blew up the Chantry, after having time to recover from Tevinter.

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