Fenris in the Crossroads       [source: Dragon Age]

Sometimes, I would continue freeing elves in Tevinter, directing them to the Crossroads, either based on rumor alone, or my brief visits to it.

Other times, I stayed in the Crossroads. Solas always refused to use a name given to me by a slaver once we were there, calling me Leto or giving me a new name. I would help organize raids against slavers, to free our brethren to help us tear down the Veil and never experience such horrors again.

Sometimes I met Merrill again. We got along better, there, and sometimes fell in love. We relied on each other, and trusted each other, even when we knew we had to face Hawke and Varric.

I ended up killing Varric that time [which I pray was only once], squeezing his heart still before we had to retreat. Merrill was horrified that I had killed not just Hawke, but Varric, who had not once been cruel to us, and refused to leave his body when the Inquisition’s forces arrived to stop the rest of the party from being slaughtered. The Inquisitor had been there to see it, and Merrill joined up with her without hesitation.

I often died at the hands of people I had known in the Inquisition. Sometimes I watched as Solas stopped, falling to his knees before the Inquisitor, begging her to kill him because he didn’t want what we had worked so hard to prepare for and didn’t know what else to do. She simply told him to come home, and suddenly, I was one of the most well-known amongst a group of elves that didn’t know what to do next.

I didn’t, either [though more often than not Solas continued guiding us, as opposed to leaving me and a few others to sort everything out alone], so we did what we could--continued raiding Tevinter, freeing others, and fighting to improve the lives of those that were free. Varania sometimes joined us in this, after recognizing me, and we slowly formed a new kinship.

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