Fenris escaping Tevinter yet again       [source: Dragon Age]

The time I had been given to Danarius at Anders’s insisting, Varric had found a way to free me with all those connections of his, after Hawke was left in the Fade. Varric had published writings against slavery, telling my story and how the Champion only wanted freedom for himself, and now figured the Inquisitor would protect me on the off chance that Hawke came back alive. Lyrium had scorched memories of Kirkwall from my mind, more white lines covered my skin, and I simply followed Varric and Bianca around, never truly overcoming the submission that was finally beaten into me. I don’t know if Danarius was dead, but he never found me again.

Bianca stayed with the Inquisition, despite her family’s disapproval, because I was so firmly attached to her. She essentially told them she was using the Inquisition to further the Davri reputation, and to find more cheap things to resell. If they knew Varric was there at the time, they must have accepted that the benefits outweighed the inevitability she was cheating; as long as she returned to her husband eventually and didn’t make a spectacle of it, it was fine.

Anders and Hawke did eventually find out, as Hawke did not die, instead, returning from the Fade with an absolutely destroyed representation, even amongst a significant number of mage freedom fighters, as I was suddenly a symbol of what was unacceptable, as it was no better than the Templars.

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