Fenris       [source: Dragon Age]

I’ve had every timeline available, and then some, as I apparently could not move on.

In all of them, my lyrium scars ached, and the pain got worse around mages, especially when touched. Everyone connected to the fade [as in, everyone but dwarves] had magic in them, and as such I avoided physical contact with everyone. Healers usually only burned instead of the stabbing pain blood mages would give. If I braced myself, most days I could handle it.

To make this page less horrifically long and easier to navigate, it will be formatted like a choose your own adventure book. No matter the circumstance, my life always started in Tevinter.

Canonmates--Anders; Andris [Skinner]; Charles [Grim]; Cole; Cremisius; Cullen; Dorian; Karliah [Bianca]; Lilith [Dalish]; Link [Warden/Hawke/Inquisitor]; Meredith; Merrill; Orsino; Solas; Tipu [Iron Bull]; Tom [Karl]; Trence [Stitches]; Varric; Vincent [Rocky]; Zevran

Of these canonmates, the only ones who were there with me in most if not all incarnations, are Varric and Karliah. They were my rocks. No matter how bad things were, if I found them, it would be better. A close runner up to them would be Bethany, who we have not found in this life, but was almost always good to me, whether I deserved it from her or not, whether she was one or multiple souls meeting me.