Fenris returning to Tevinter       [source: Dragon Age]

I continued freeing slaves, usually ignoring the holes in the sky. Sometimes, I exchanged letters with my friends from Kirkwall, telling Varric that I was alive and asking about him. Sometimes I asked if he knew where Hawke was, and why Hawke would leave me so easily. Sometimes he would tell me when Hawke arrived in the Inquisition, and I would run in to give him what-for before either joining Hawke in his adventures, staying in the Inquisition with Varric to do something about those holes, or returning to Tevinter.

Eventually, some escaped elves returned to me, speaking of mirrors and of the Dread Wolf and how he could help us. I either didn’t care and kept doing what I had been doing, or looked into it more personally.

Whether I was freeing slaves just to free them or when I was also recruiting for Solas, I tended to butt heads with Dorian in Tevinter. He would pointedly look the other way, either remembering me from the Inquisition or recognizing me from the stories of the Champion from Varric, but insist I was being reckless, and that my efforts would be better spent writing and helping him make reforms peacefully. I ignored his advice and continued killing slavers and other powerful mages.

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