Fenris as a woman       [source: Dragon Age]

At one point I was a girl, not trans, just a girl when Danarius wanted me to be masculine, having not expected a girl to win his little competition, but having had any second place killed by me in the process of it.

I told Hawke, who had been in a relationship with me when I confessed. He said he was gay, and soon rebounded with Anders [who, Maker bless him, was pissed at Hawke for misgendering me when we went to him for help reversing what had been done, thinking I was a trans man like I let them all assume]. I kept the sash and crest Hawke gave me, and fell for Varric in all of his efforts to help me. I was also a bit friendlier with Merrill, even if her attempts to help me were her asking for permission to use blood magic.

Varric and I ended up in the Inquisition. Merrill, Anders, and Hawke joined what was left to help us stop Solas after the events of Trespasser.

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