Flygon       [source: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon--Explorers of Sky]

I was a shiny! My partner was a Treeko, and we later evolved twice each before time began to stop.

During the expedition, an Absol arrived to help protect Uxie from the Guild, sent by Azelf.

We saw Absol again at Crystal Lake, and he helped us in. We recruited a Riolu. We temporarily stopped Grovyle while the protagonists were in the desert. Absol returned to the guild with us as part of our team, and worried about the protagonists more than anyone.

I think our protagonists were a Skitty and a Treeko, but I could be wrong.

My team all shared a nest, and were capable of mega evolution, as I had a band and they had stones. I believe we stayed near Sharpedo Bluff ourself, though I'm not sure about how close we were to the protagonists' base. We went on the Sky Peak expedition, and I believe ended up staying with the Shaymin for quite some time.

Canonmates--Andromeda [Celebi]; Lunam [Lucario]; Lee [Sceptile]; Roderich [Absol]; Straizo [Dusknoir]; William [Grovyle]; Met [Treeko]