Ghirahim       [source: The Legend of Zelda]

I was very overenthusiastic when serving the Goddess, and met Fi before my heart became hardened and I became Demise’s sword. I felt as though I had been replaced by her, as she was more peaceful than I, and less prone to acting on her own. I loved her and wanted to be friends, but she was set entirely on her purpose, her devotion to Hylia. As such, I was tempted away from them both with promises of attention and power.

At some point after I died, either the Link that killed me or a seperate incarnation guided by Fi, returned to where my shards were, and Zelda managed to put me back together, giving me new life. I was thankful, and loyal, but also extremely depressed, as Fi had returned to hibernating within the sword after I was found. There was some kind of intense battle I was a part of, helping Link with. I believe there were a few incarnations of Link in which I replaced the Master Sword, for one reason or another.

Canonmates--Fi; Link; Zelda