Cecil Gershwin Palmer       [source: Welcome to Nightvale]

My littermates and I would play BloodClan. Tadpole was Scourge, I was Bone, and Moth was Brick, more often than not. I don’t remember whether Tigerstar or Sasha told us about them.

I wanted Mothwing to be happy as a medicine cat more than I wanted to benefit myself. I didn’t realize it made me powerful until Tigerstar pointed it out. He also pointed out that it would benefit me to learn to help her, as it would improve my reputation as a caring leader type, and may one day save my life.

Mintfur was born and an apprentice on the Great Journey. He was an annoying furball, but had taken a liking to me anyway. He became a warrior when we reached the lakes, and stayed in my half-made den, bringing shells and feathers he found to make it look more like home.

After dying, I met Mintfur in the meadow a lot, and he was always very happy to see me. Eventually, Tigerstar reprimanded me for not actually bringing him into the Dark Forest, and, deciding I didn’t want him to be a part of it, I stopped visiting his dreams without saying goodbye.

A lot of the Dark Forest was about bonding. You couldn’t just fight, no, you had to talk about feelings, so you would form friendships and trust your "new Clanmates." I was also giving frequent tours across the meadow into StarClan, showing the apprentices where to collect herbs, how to sneak in and out.

I was personally angered by the neglect of Ivypool, Blossomfall, and Breezepelt. I saw the three of them as my own, and I was quite pleased when Ivypool asked me to start visiting Blossomfall along with her initial recruiter, Thistleclaw [as Brokenstar and Tigerstar rarely met people alone while they were still in the meadow, and were more likely to visit ShadowClan cats who knew them to be strong leaders before anything else].

No one fought their birth Clan without requesting it. Breezepelt requested it. I think Blossomfall and Ivypool went with him, but either way, I know they stayed loyal during the battle. I attacked Hollyleaf in ThunderClan, and Brambleclaw killed me again.

Canonmates--Anasui [Thistleclaw]; Roderich [Mintfur]