Hellhound.       [source: unknown]

I was an ice hellhound, bred not to drag souls as fiery ones that would follow us did, but to gather lost ones. We were paired with an angel to do this, so that each soul would be rightfully judged by both of us, and neither side would stray from their mission to boost the ranks of their own afterlife.

I fell in love with my angel. She fell in love with me. We agreed to reincarnation, and we’ve been living [mostly] mortal lives ever since. If you ask me who I serve now, in this life, rather than the Lucifer who may or may not have created my very soul, I would tell you I'm loyal to my Papa. It brings me greater peace than wondering about the string of destiny, the future, the past, creation, and death.

Canonmates--Lunam [my angel]