Jean Kirstein       [source: Attack on Titan, by technicality only]

There were more walls than depicted. No one turned into titans. No one knew what they were or why.

I was a slut before the walls started to fall. Marco and I were a bit more serious, but broke up, staying close enough to happily wing for each other.

When he died, I agreed to join Levi’s crazy mission to find another colony that was near an ocean, months of horseback travel away. Along the trip, I found myself growing closer and closer to him, and by the time we found the colony and helped them finish their tunneling back to our own refuge, I was absolutely in love with him. He, somehow, had grown to feel the same.

After evacuating our people from the city through a tunnel, we returned to the ocean, sailing in a massive fleet, growing food on decks, stopping briefly to scavenge and care for the land on several chains of islands further south.