Kankri Vantas and the Sufferer       [source: Homestuck]

I was a follower of the Sufferer, relating to his story so severely that it shouldn’t have been a surprise that I was him. I genuinely wanted a better universe than the one we left behind. This made me extremely overbearing, because it had to be just so.

Porrim accidentally made me a rainbow drinker, and I refused to eat until I passed out. It was embarrassing, and Meenah yelled at me.

I had a crush on Cronus solely because he listened to me talk, until Porrim explained to me that (1) he can hear all he wants, he’s not listening, and (2) if he was a douche to everyone else, the odds of him having a heart of gold were slim to none, and he would hurt me too. I didn’t want to believe it, but she was right, and I eventually figured that out.

I lightened up a bit after we officially lost and were in dream bubbles. I’m not sure if that lasted when we met the Alternian group, or how that went.