Lunik       [source: Pokemon]

I started Ranger school as an adult, and met Agent Looker. He said he knew how to stop Team Dim Sun, and I wanted to be a top Ranger. It was a mess and sometimes a young trainer that was Fantina’s niece was involved. I didn’t think the International Police were even a thing some days, but he pulled us through.

After we finished and I had become a top Ranger, he said he had another case and had to leave. I was in love, I was devastated. I was left alone to my duties, and eventually was transferred to another region. My partner was a Swellow, and I had other bird Pokemon with me a lot.

Somewhere along the line, probably trying to reconnect with Looker, I found out about Fallers. I'm beginning to suspect that I became one as well, falling into Hisui and meeting Ingo.

Canonmates--Diaval [Swellow]; Lee [Looker]