Montgomery Scott       [source: Star Trek]

A mix of TOS and reboots [but Khan doesn’t look like that].

I was gay for everyone on the ship, including the ship, but especially Spock. I’d get blushy and nervous if he so much as stood next to me.

I was transferred to the Vengence to help repair her after the Khan ordeal, and was mostly in charge of restoring her to her glory before the crash. Starfleet wanted to keep her as a travelling artifact. I oversaw nearly everything, and then spent time on her decks to make sure she was running smoothly without being outfitted for war once they started showing her off.

It must have taken at least a year or two before I finally went back to the Enterprise. The Vengeance was my ship, and I loved her during our affair, but the Enterprise was the ship I had married.

Eventually, as we grew older, Nyota and I accepted Spock would never return our affections, and realized that somewhere along the way, we had fallen for each other.