Prosciutto       [source: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure]

I was abandoned by my parents at thirteen. I was part of a smaller gang that Passione would protect from most legal trouble that warred with another gang also protected by Passione. I was a great sniper, and after eventually killing the other gang’s leader, I was recruited into the actual mafia.

I joined La Squadra when I was 16, right as I joined Passione. Each member was expected to have a history in killing. Risotto was also 16, having killed the driver who killed his cousin and only being arrested due to being a suspect with no family to miss him. Passione offered him a way out. Sorbet [19] and Gelato [18] were already members when I joined, their backstory being that they killed several homophobic church members.

A while afterwards, we received a new member, whose name started with an S, and whose Stand allowed him to turn into water. After him was Illuso [14], who had hallucinations that led to mass murder and was recruited from near imprisonment simply because of the brutality used impressed some higher ups. Then Melone [15], who had escaped from human trafficking and demanded to join Passione for protection, and at some point Formaggio [16, when Risotto and I were 17] who had killed his parents.

S ended up in a fight, and turned into water while bleeding. The puddle he was hiding in was splashed, and before he could reform, he passed out from blood loss, making his Stand deactivate. It was messy.

After that, or around that time, Ghiaccio joined at 13, and Melone swiftly punched him in the mouth for a blood sample, which also knocked him out for a few minutes. Upon waking up, Ghiaccio was thoroughly excited to have his own bed as opposed to a cage, having murdered his abusive parents.

Pesci joined much later, when we were all in our 20s and he was only 15, having killed a number of bullies. Risotto tried to have him transferred elsewhere, uncertain if he could handle being responsible for a child, but soon accepted Pesci as his little brother.

All of us were dating except for Pesci, though Sorbet and Gelato remained more exclusive.

Canon played out as displayed.

Canonmates--Melone; Kakashi [Risotto]; Maito [Sorbet]; Silvas [Ghiaccio]; Sol [Formaggio]; Stratus [Illuso]