Spot Conlon       [source: Newsies]

It was said that I had killed someone to become the leader, though really, the last one "in charge" of Brooklyn had killed himself. When I took over, I issued a certain corner for everyone to sell on, so that those who needed the most money would get the best spots. That changed my nickname from "Scot" to "Spot."

Racetrack had been born in Brooklyn but lived in Manhattan after the rumors about me and murder began to circulate. He knew I had a soft spot for him, and eventually returned a few months before the strike to sell at the track, our best spot.

There was a really young newsie I saw as a little brother.

I had a crush on Jack, but after we learned we had won, he kissed Crutchie. I immediately decided I liked Race more, and he returned to Brooklyn with me, now fully trusting that I was a good person due to my strike efforts. We intended to buy a boat and become fishermen one day.

I was killed by two guys from the Bronx who defenestrated me, intending to steal my authority, or savings, or just still believing that I was a murderer.

Canonmates--Daniel [Racetrack]; Link [Jack]