The Dwarven Merchants' Guild

A now thoroughly destroyed group of what was essentially a mafia in the hub in the astral referred to as Twilight Town. Colress has said the area didn't have currency before the Guild's arrival. Members were typically part of either the Dwarven Merchants' Guild from Dragon Age, The Elder Scroll's fourth era's Thieves' Guild, or both. They controlled most of the businesses in Twilight Town, having forcibly taken many, and removed anyone who disagreed with them or their methods by any means necessary. The group employed several of what was known as the League of Villains in My Hero Academia to meet such ends, and other mercenaries for lighter jobs that didn't end in murder, Lee being one such mercenaries.

Varric, being both himself and Brynjolf, was considered highly by most in the Guild, though his relationship with Karliah was frowned upon due to most the dwarven members still believing they should stick to their own castes, despite the Thieves Guild members favoring Karliah. He was also regarded as a nuisance for shirking Guild business, and for eventually disappearing entirely to live here, Karliah joining us a few weeks later, saying first that she had to finish taking care of business.

A large group of heroes from MHA lived together on the outskirts of Twilight Town, doing their best to protect others from the Guild. Hizashi Yamada, while on patrol, encountered us, believing that behind our wards someone was being hurt, though this led to him being followed back from our inworld, and the heroes having to split up. His family was relocated into the Aetas System, and the League, bitter over their defeats [ordered to find Varric], launched a large scale attack on us and associated collectives. We retaliated by forming a raiding party storming through Twilight Town and destroying them.

In our clan, former members include , Karliah, Lee, Shino, Varric, Vinvir, and Met. Colress once preformed a show for them to rob them of the earnings with Karliah. In Twilight Town, Bartrand is still alive, and largely protected, in part for his leniency on Lee and watching over Met while Lee was doing mercenary work.

They had an intense rivalry with the Mistdeep Bandits.