Terrion Lucifer; ageless; 5'10"

• Genderless [he/him; it/its]
• Gay

Alignment--Lawful Evil
Ability--Bad Dreams

True Sign--Capriza [Hero of Mind; Derse Sway], Sign of the Rigid

Terrion is very straight-forward more often than not. He doesn’t tell white lies, but he doesn’t tell more than is convenient for him, either. He typically keeps to himself and his experiments while here, but left to spend time with his children.

Terror was part of the Kriegszeit System as anything from a destructive entity to an annoyance. He became more peaceful in the early days of the Eclipse Clan, but left, returning as a threat once more.

As a Destructive Spirit
His primary goal was to take the body for his own, as it was in the Kriegszeit System. He wanted Alex and Milliw to take Blue's body as well, so that one day they might live as a normal family. After Alex's pleas for him to stop, because Riley and Blackie were family too, Terror became devoted to protecting the clan instead.

Terrion eventually moved into the Bluestorm Pack to be with his son, Alex, and ended up with a very happy family there.