A Flight Rising dragon.

Ivan Braginski; 24; 6'7"; 12.30

• Nonbinary [he/him;they/them]
• Pan

Alignment--Lawful Neutral
Clan--Coldflash of ShadowClan
   ↳ Pokemon
      Ability--Ice Body

Capricorn Sun; Libra Moon; Sagittarius Mercury; Scorpio Venus; Sagittarius Mars; Virgo Jupiter; Aquarius Saturn; Capricorn Uranus; Capricorn Neptune; Scorpio Pluto
   ↳ True Sign--Caprigo [Hero of Space; Prospit Sway], Sign of the Lacula

Ivan Braginski [Hetalia]


Ivan is known to be blunt, if not rude. Although he comes off as strange and vaguely threatening, he does his best to make friends, and is fiercely protective of those who are kind in return. He tends to keep to himself when he’s around, thinking on his past.

Familial--Yukako's older brother
Romantic--Caught up in the past, and with someone who never knew he existed at all

First fronted on 10.30.2015 at a haunted house with a friend of ours, introducing himself while others pushed in and out of cofront to introduce themselves to her, though specifying that if anyone asked, he hadn't made an appearance. He was discovered a few days later, when headspace reset.

A battle animation of Sunflora.