A Flight Rising dragon.

Kars; ~102,000; 6'10"

• Genderless [he/him; she/her; it/its]
• Pan

Clan--Duskstripe of ShadowClan
   ↳ Pokemon
      Ability--Super Luck

True Sign--Capripia [Hero of Light; Derse Sway], Sign of the Brusque

Golden eagles; Kars [JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure]

Believes that all spirits are connected and pain inflicted on another is pain upon yourself, and that one should take what they need and no more. However, he also believes that strong leaders are needed, and that hurting others and taking more than needed is a necessary display of power for the betterment of all.

Kars is the leader of the Pillar Men. He’s known to be maternal to anything that needs him. When presented with a challenge, Kars becomes quiet, cold, and absolutely ruthless. He would stop at nothing to get what he wants, though fortunately, he only wants a happy life for now.

Familial--Father of Santana and Wamuu; treats N'Doul like extended family; has sort of accepted Caesar as family as well
Romantic--In a relationship with Esidisi
Groups--A Pillar Man

Arrived on 11.4.2015, though was left outside the main building in headspace with Kira until 11.9.2015.

A battle animation of Ho-Oh.