A Flight Rising dragon.

Lunam Invictus; 22; 5'4"; 6.5

• Genderfluid [she/her; they/them]
• Exclusively attracted to men

Clan--Moonstep of WindClan
   ↳ Pokemon
      Ability--Queenly Majesty
      Partner--Oricorio [Sensu Style]

Gemini Sun; Pisces Moon; Gemini Mercury; Cancer Venus; Cancer Mars; Capricorn Jupiter; Gemini Saturn; Libra Uranus; Sagittarius Neptune; Virgo Pluto
   ↳ True Sign--Piun [Hero of Breath; Derse Sway], Sign of the Unconfined

Angels; cheetahs; Enrico Pucci [JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure]; Feferi Peixes [Homestuck]; Lucario [Pokemon Mystery Dungeon--Explorers of Sky]; Luxray [Pokemon]; Swiftfoot [Warriors]; Vampyrum Spectrum [Silverwing]

As an angel, she sees the god of Abraham as her literal father; she is, however, very interested in magic and other gods [who she sees as less powerful as they preside over a universe different than our own], and is more likely to listen to herself over any religion

Lunam has exhibited a desire to do what is best, though the problem is that it is what she considers best, and that once on path, she has difficulty changing course. She is also prone to withdrawing rather than confronting her problems, though she's certainly improbved as of late. She's quiet, preferring a good book to socializing with her more rambunctious clanmates.

Familial--Helios, Leo, and Weather sister

She first arrived on 9.14.2015 when the Thing in the Underroom showed itself as Giorno, drawing in Lunam and claiming she had hurt it. Dio was quick to defend its “son”, but Riley quickly realized the mistake, undoubtedly saving Lunam’s life. For the rest of the night, she tried to leave so that she wouldn’t cause problems in Dio's current relationships, but gave up and joined the Clan on 9.18.2015.

A battle sprite of Oricorio.