A Flight Rising dragon.

Meredith Stannard; 49; 5'8"; 1.3

• Female [she/her]
• Straight

Clan--Jaggedfang of ThunderClan
   ↳ Pokemon

Capricorn Sun; Aries Moon; Sagittarius Mercury; Scorpio Venus; Scorpio Mars; Scorpio Jupiter; Taurus Saturn; Libra Uranus; Sagittarius Neptune; Virgo Pluto
   ↳ True Sign--Capririus [Hero of Hope; Derse Sway], Sign of the Contender

Bluestar [Warriors]; Meredith Stannard [Dragon Age]

Dislikes most gods and avoids interacting with them

Meredith is a little eccentric, and tends to be strict, needing order in her life. She fixates on one thing after another, looking for that order. She has difficulty apologizing, and even more trouble with letting things be done any way but her own. Upon letting her guard down, her humanitarian nature shines through.

Familial--Cullen's mother
Romantic--In a relationship with Orsino

First arrived on 11.9.2016, looking annoyed. She soon explained she was looking for Orsino, and had been for the past decade or more, having started with wanting to express her frustration at not getting a true afterlife or reincarnation, then by the time of arriving here, had been wanting to apologize for her actions in canon, despite knowing that was hardly sufficient. She claimed to only be staying for a week before continuing her search for Orsino, but he visited the Aetas System after the fourth day, leading her to stay permanently.