A Flight Rising dragon.

Merrill Hawke Eclipse; 24; 5'1"; 9.5

• Magigirl [she/her]
• Bi

Alignment--Chaotic Good
Clan--Fernwhisker of SkyClan
   ↳ Pokemon

Virgo Sun; Pisces Moon; Leo Mercury; Leo Venus; Virgo Mars; Libra Jupiter; Sagittarius Saturn; Aries Uranus; Pisces Neptune; Capricorn Pluto
   ↳ True Sign--Virnius [Hero of Hope; Prospit Sway], Sign of the Fierce

Merrill [Dragon Age]; Meulin Leijon [Homestuck]

Believes her fate is now tied to that of those from Kirkwall, and that there are no true gods, just souls being recycled through lifetimes across universes that are sometimes strong enough to be considered gods

Merrill is spacey and forgetful, though well-meaning. She doesn’t like getting angry, and will typically avoid confrontation or open disagreements unless she feels there's been an injustice that would otherwise go uncorrected.

Familial--Considers Link, taking his last name to prove it, though eventually she came to see the entire Eclipse Clan as her family
Romantic--In a relationship with Ondolemar and Spock

First fronted on 1.24.2017.

A spinning pink pentagram.