A Flight Rising dragon.

Mikitaka Hazekura; 218; 5'9"

• Genderless [vai/vair/vairs/vairself; they/them + he/him aux]
• Pan

Clan--Skyflash of SkyClan
   ↳ Pokemon

True Sign--Pipio [Hero of Light; Prospit Sway], Sign of the Searcher

Mikitaka Hazekura [JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure]; space

Mikitaka remembers there was an ocean on vair home planet that was regarded as sacred. Vai believes that beings are connected to their planets, and through them, the galaxies–as such, vai believes that each individual is a manifestation their home planet’s energies, and to a lesser extent the energies beyond it. Since vai spent so long in space on vair way to Earth, vai identifies with space itself more than vair home planet.

Mikitaka is easily excited by Earth things. Vai doesn’t understand the complexities of human relationships, and as such vair advice may not be the best if one doesn’t want a detatched answer. However, vai tries vair best to help out, and is typically very loving, and willing to do anything for vair friends. Vai usually refuses to front when it’s humid or cloudy.

Romantic--In a relationship with Anasui, Helios, and Ren

First fronted on 12.22.2015.

A floating, slowly spinning UFO.