A Flight Rising dragon.

Solas; ageless; 5'6"

• Genderless [he/him; it/its; they/them]
• Pan

Alignment--Chaotic Good
Clan--Space of SkyClan
   ↳ Pokemon
      Ability--Zen Mode

True Sign--Lipia [Hero of Light; Derse Sway], Sign of the Networker

Elves; Skyloftian [Legend of Zelda]; Solas [Dragon Age]

Has dealt with “too many gods” and typically does not care about them, though some he believes are simply powerful spirits or people that made claims of godhood

Gentle and kind, Solas is an overall helpful being, though he tends to think he knows what’s best for others in order to protect them. He seems find amusement in knowing more than others, and talks a lot about spirituality. He's often distracted by his past, leading to seeming very closed off.

Familial--Credence and Merriali's father

After causing Dio to think of little other than him for two days, Solas formed a subsystem with it on 11.25.2016, saying that Dio is the only one who asked for his possession, though soon decided to go back and forth between Dio and Credence so that Credence could learn magic correctly. Before long, he found himself drawn out of the clan, resulting in him being less insistent on existing as a subsystem. After fathering Merriali, he became more permanently settled into the Eclipse Clan.

A pixel sprite edit of a Zoroark to be a Hisuian Zoroark.