A Flight Rising dragon.

Dagoth Voryn; centuries; 6'7"; 11.6

• Male [he/him; they/them]
• Gay

   ↳ Pokemon
      Ability--Desolate Land

Scorpio Sun; Leo Moon; Taurus Mercury; Libra Venus; Leo Mars; Sagittarius Jupiter; Capricorn Saturn; Sagittarius Uranus; Gemini Neptune; Gemini Pluto
   ↳ True Sign--Scories [Hero of Time; Derse Sway]

Voryn Dagoth [The Elder Scrolls]

Worships the three good daedra in a very dismissive way

He struggles to find the balance between accepting and ignoring the more gory parts of his past, suppressing the Heart's residual influence on his appearance to the best of his ability. He's nervous around new people, decidedly curious, and has a soft spot for children.

He first gave his name after making his presence known a few hours earlier on 8.16.2020, on the condition that Dio wouldn't share that he was there. He spent the night, leaving in the early dawn, returning on 8.18.2020 to visit, this time being convinced to talk to those outside the system. Voryn decided to make this his primary residence on 8.21.2020.