A Flight Rising dragon. A hanging banner bearing Superman's symbol.

Colress William Kent; 25; 6'1"; 4.23

• Male [he/him]
• Pan

Alignment--Neutral Good
Clan--Palefur of WindClan
   ↳ Pokemon

Taurus Sun; Gemini Moon; Taurus Mercury; Aries Venus; Pisces Mars; Gemini Jupiter; Leo Saturn; Scorpio Uranus; Sagittarius Neptune; Libra Pluto
   ↳ True Sign--Taursci [Hero of Life; Prospit Sway], Sign of the Convalescent

Bats; Colress [Pokemon]; John Oliver; Kal-El [Detective Comics]; Saint Bernard/beagle mix; Wheatley [Portal 2]


He's drawn towards knowing and understanding everything around him. Having wandered the astral for a significant amount of time before being incarnated after being Colress, he can't help but feel ancient when certain places on the astral are mentioned. He's frequently insecure, and has a very self-depreciating sense of humor. He's very empathetic, and more affectionate than he would let on, despite having some trouble with [and much embarrassment from] expressing his emotions.

Romantic--Dio's boyfriend

Brought in by Karliah [with the help of Noriaki] to make fun of Dio's crush on him on 12.9.2017, Colress was just as confused and embarrassed as Dio.

A battle animation of Klinklang.