A Flight Rising dragon.

Giorno Day; 16; 5'3"; 4.16

• Demiboy [he/him; they/them]
• Demibi

Clan--Rosestep of RiverClan
   ↳ Pokemon

Aries Sun; Pisces Moon; Aries Mercury; Aries Venus; Taurus Mars; Aquarius Jupiter; Scorpio Saturn; Sagittarius Uranus; Capricorn Neptune; Scorpio Pluto
   ↳ PTrue Sign--Arist [Hero of Time; Prospit Sway], Sign of the Headstrong

Giorno Giovanna [JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure]; Italian wolves; Manectric [Pokemon]

Follower of Auriel and Mars; has a tendency to pray to various Catholic saints

Giorno is determined, stubborn, and rebellious. He’s extremely protective of his family. He has a tendency to shirk work if he can get away with it, until he feels that it's on behalf of the Brandos.

Familial-- Son of Dio; Eddie, Lee, and Roderich's step-son; brother of Donatello, Rikiel, Ungalo, and Met; grandson of Rohan and Kira; Cicero, Kari, Karliah, and Jonathan's nephew; Castor, Devon, Ysopon, Alex, Brooke, Cleo, and Finn's cousin
Romantic--In a relationship with Trish

He first fronted on 8.8.2015, although Dio refused to believe it was true until Jonathan made him answer whether or not he was staying.

A battle animation of Xerneas.