Arctic Dragon       [source: unknown]

I was rather small for a dragon, and my wings were more like sails than arms. They were colored so that they appeared to be water, and my body an iceberg, so that I could catch penguins or seals or both. I don’t know what tundra we lived in, or if it was anything like our world now.

I was part of a clan that would hum to each other, both singular notes to calm one another or help one sleep, and complex songs. There was a song for the entire clan we all knew from our soul, and others for every dragon we encountered. Typically, you would make a new song with dragons that represent your bond.

We slept through the winter months.

I was very close to my father, and never really grew up. Eventually, I adopted a human, and taught them the ways of the clan. I have a vague memory of them trying to wake me from an extended sleep during my hibernation.

Canonmates--Rohan [my father]