Cyrus       [source: Pokemon]

I was childhood friends with Cynthia, who visited Sunyshore every summer with her grandmother. My parents were neglectful and abusive, believing I was abnormal for having trouble making friends, other than Cynthia, who was also deemed strange for her focus in academic pursuits.

In Team Galactic, the canon was a mix of most. I knew Mitsumi, and to an extent saw her as my daughter. Hareta was a pain. I think Dawn preferred to travel alone, rather than with Ash and Brock, though I’m sure they met up often.

On Spear Pillar, Cynthia, the gym leaders, Ash, Brock, Barry, Dawn, and Lucas showed up. Lucas didn’t like battling and mostly offered healing. A few noncanon trainers were involved. Dawn and Cynthia were the only two to follow me into the Distortion World, and Dawn caught Giratina.

I was in the Distortion World for three months before I decided to try killing myself by stepping off a ledge. Instead of finding what was below, I was sent to Jupiter. She let me stay with her and work through fifteen years of repressed emotions. We travelled to Hoenn, and I remember seeing [ORAS] Maxie at Slateport, and this calmed me down instantaneously for reasons beyond me. Jupiter pointed out that he had been in similar circumstances to me, and managed to get in contact with him and arranged a meeting. He agreed to see me regularly, though we didn’t talk at great length until May, Brennan, and Wally stopped by for a visit one day.

He encouraged me to seek the forgiveness of the trainers that I had most directly affected. I took him up on it.

While in Sinnoh, We met up with Saturn and Mars, who were working at the Veilstone Department Store while working to turn Team Galactic into a legitimate energy company. Mars was pregnant, and while they were happy to see me, they were set about having real jobs and starting a family, not that I would have wanted to take that from them.

Returning to Hoenn, Maxie and I were rather inseparable. Archie and his admins lived in an apartment? condo? across the city. The two of them were amicable exes, having gotten together, feeling like no one else would understand them, and broken up, realizing that was no basis for a relationship. Maxie didn’t want his admins overtly involved in his life, feeling that he had made enough of a mess for them as it was. A few video calls a month, and that was it.

We eventually moved to Sootopolis.

At some point, I was with Maxie on Spear Pillar, just the two of us. Seemingly, this was after we met in Slateport.

Canonmates--Lunam [Cynthia]; Noriaki [Jupiter]