Fenris in the Inquisition       [source: Dragon Age]

When I was a pirate, we sometimes helped fund the Inquisition, and provided supplies and information after Varric got in touch with us about the situation.

On multiple occasions I followed Varric to the Inquisition, either because he paid me to be his bodyguard [though I always acted as one], I didn’t know where else to go, or out of love. I refused to make other friends, at least at first, and simply stood behind Varric, brooding, despite his efforts to make me socialize.

I also spent a lot of time helping him sneak around to see Bianca, as I did in Kirkwall.

My response to Varric having known where Hawke was [though sometimes he did not] varied, though usually I felt personally betrayed. Typically I was quick to forgive Varric, as he was only listening to Hawke. When it was a Hawke I didn’t trust, I was typically pleased when he was left to die in the Fade, or left the Inquisition of his own choosing soon after arriving.

One showed with Anders. It felt like the worst double date in the history of Thedas, standing beside Varric and glaring at the one who started a war and helped make this nonsense happen in the first place.

I argued with Dorian, as he put his personal family troubles at the forefront of Tevinter’s problems and left slavery on the back burner, escalating to me punching him in the face. My spiky gauntlets and his face did not get along. Varric thought it was hilarious. After that, he showed more respect for me. I don’t know what happened to the Dorian that wanted me as his own, but I doubt he remembered that when he grew up.

Once Dorian and a trans Inquisitor had triplets during the canon timeline operations of the Inquisition. Dorian used me as a metal detector to find his little magelets. They seemed to have taken a liking to me, and couldn’t keep their grubby, pain-inducing hands to themselves. This, too, Varric found hilarious.

The time I had been given to Danarius at Anders’s insisting, Varric had found a way to free me with all those connections of his.

I always had a sense of not belonging to either the city elves or the Dalish, but I still considered myself an elf after all I had been through, which made Sera dislike me [she thought that I should see that divisions were stupid, but I knew there would be no simple erasing the fact I was an elf and that I had gone through what I had because I was an elf]. Despite my distrust of mages, Solas spoke of a history that made me feel worth something, a past that I could belong in, unlike the present. I found myself growing fond of him and his stories.

Once I joined with Hawke, having followed him, and we died in the Fade together.

Alternatively, sometimes I joined in with the Chargers.

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