A Flight Rising dragon.

Dio Comet Day; 24; 5'; 7.28

• Agender [it/its; he/him]
• Bi

Clan--Froststorm of RiverClan
   ↳ Pokemon

Leo Sun; Aquarius Moon; Leo Mercury; Virgo Venus; Scorpio Mars; Taurus Jupiter; Taurus Saturn; Aquarius Uranus; Aquarius Neptune; Sagittarius Pluto
   ↳ True Sign--True Aquarius [Rogue of Hope; Derse Sway], Sign of the Zealous

   • Celestial
   ↳ Demons
      Ghirahim [Legend of Zelda]; hellhounds
   ↳ ???
      Cecil Gershwin Palmer [Welcome to Night Vale]

   • Creatures
   ↳ Dragons
      Arctic; Bronze [Dungeons and Dragons]; Flygon [Pokemon: Explorers of Sky]
   ↳ Cats
      Hawkfrost [Warriors]; Goosefeather [Warriors]; Crescentleap [Warriors]
   ↳ Other
      Vampyrum Spectrum [Silverwing]; Vinyl Scratch [My Little Pony]

   • Humanoid
   ↳ Elves
       Dhanvin Lachance [The Elder Scrolls]; Evrol [The Elder Scrolls]; Nerevar Indoril [The Elder Scrolls]; Fenris [Dragon Age]
   ↳ Vampires
      Dio Brando [JoJo's Bizarre Adventure]; Dracula Vlad Tepes [Castlevania]
   ↳ Trolls
      Eridan Ampora [Homestuck]; Kankri Vantas [Homestuck]
   ↳ Other
      Gilbert Beilschmidt [Hetalia]

   • Humans
      Cyrus [Pokemon]; Gaara [Naruto]; Jean Kirstein; Lunick [Pokemon]; Prosciutto [JoJo's Bizarre Adventure]; Spot Conlon [Newsies]

Believes that the god that created the universe formed himself into it, and that as such, other beings, whether they are simply powerful enough to demand worship or gods of other universes, are much more useful

Dio is exceedingly loyal, and willing to protect any that it deems needing of it, comparing itself to a "broody rooster". It often doesn’t understand why others are upset, but will try to help nonetheless. It tends to overestimate itself.

Familial--Father of Donatello, Giorno, Rikiel, Ungalo, and Met; son of Rohan and Kira; Gai's son-in-law; brother of Cicero, Kari, Karliah and Jonathan; Castor, Devon, Ysopon, Alex, Brooke, Cleo, and Finn's uncle
Romantic-- Eddie, Lee, and Roderich's husband; in relationships with Colress, Seht, Roman, Anders, Arthur, Dorian, Hizashi, and Jesse

No one is certain how long Dio’s been here, but it’s been around since at least late 2011. For a while it was in a subsystem with someone else, called “Star” and was the main one who remained after the Kriegszeit System reset.

Comets on a transparent background. A battle animation of a shiny Flygon.Comets on a transparent background.